To get started, i figured it would be necessary to get an app on my phone or tablet. Given the tablets I have are 7″, the screen should be easier to read than the smart phones.

Another page will talk about the android tablet and phone but this one is relating to an old ipad mini 2.

Havent used this for ages so charged it up, then logged in and pick a handful of apps i have seen mentions of on reddit and youtube – namely simply piano, flowkey, yousician and skoove.

Out of these, only Simply piano installed.

Flowkey and Yousician complained they need at least IOS 13 and Skoove wanted IOS 14.1 or higher.

I checked and the software update waiting on the ipad mini is for 12.5.7

A quick internet search provided the fact that Apple stopped supporting these devices in 2019 since the storage and cpu were not considered enough for apps from that time.

So if you are using an first generation ipad device (ipad air, ipad mini 2 or ipad mini 3), you will already be limited in the apps you can install to Simply Piano of the ones i listed above.

I will give simply piano a go on the ipad mini 2 and next post should be a review of both the free trial and the paid subscription (since i received a three month free flyer with the Rockjam PIano Stool)

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